A Guide On Choosing An Audio Turntable That Will Do Well In The Digital World

A Guide On Choosing An Audio Turntable That Will Do Well In The Digital World

There are a lot of audio turntables available in the market right now, such as Crosley turntables and more. They make choosing the best one for you somewhat hard. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors and important features that you have to consider when buying an audio turntable. On a typical evaluation, the majority of turntables seem quite related. Below, we will discuss the features of turntables that you should watch out for. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Choose between belt drive or direct drive

Expert DJs prefer direct-drive turntables since they are able to gather speed more quickly once the motor is activated, and the platter rotates without any opposition once the motor is switched off.

In case you are not a professional DJ, a belt drive turntable will be better for you. With a belt drive turntable, there will be an elastic band attached to the motor that spins its platter, which gets rid of loud motor sound, and aids in bringing out a lot more fidelity in the music.

2. Cartridge

The majority of turntables include a cartridge that is installed on the tonearm. The cartridge consists of the needle stylus, commonly referred to as just a needle for normal people. The needle is the one that deciphers the record’s lines and generates audio. The given cartridge is generally a good starting option, however a lot of music enthusiasts choose to upgrade their cartridge to obtain even better functionality.

3. Choose between manual, semi automatic or full automatic

This function allows you to understand how much you will need to interfere with your audio turntable as it plays music from your records. The advantages of each three will be discussed below.


With the aid of a manual handle, you personally raise the tonearm and position the needle stylus within the lead grove of a record. Additionally, you will be required to lift it again once the record has stopped playing. An automatic system can bring in noise, therefore manual turn table is the choice for individuals who want more quality of audio rather than comfort.

Semi automatic

With a semi automatic audio turntable, you will be required to manually lower the tonearm to the record. Once the record is done playing, the tonearm will be automatically returned to its original position and the motor will be switched off. There is no need to be concerned about the stylus needle bumping all over at the end of the record due to this mechanism. Once you have manually lowered the tonearm, there is no need to interact with the audio turntable. Semi automatic turntables are good for people who want a balance between audio quality and noise.

Fully automatic

With a full automatic audio turntable, you simply press a switch and proceed to do your other tasks. The tonearm will set in place automatically and will carefully lower the needle against the leading side on the record. Once the final track has ended, the tonearm elevates itself automatically, comes back to its original place, and the motor is automatically switched off. Fully automatic turntables are the best choice for people who want the maximum comfort and ease of playing record.

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